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Research Services Overview

Ready EDI brings together the research strategies and methods of Sociology, Anthropology and Economics, along with decades of research experience in public health, environment, social reform, public perception, education, economic, organizational and community development to custom design research to address the answers you seek.

Whether you need to conduct community health assessment, gap analysis, quantitative analysis of economic, health or social disparities, assess community needs, built environmental conditions, emergency preparedness, public perceptions, economic or business conditions, Ready EDI will collaborate with you to develop the research model that fits your needs and budget and execute that research in a timely and thorough manner.

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Community Health Assessment
Whether you need to diagnose overall community health conditions, examine specific disparities, assess health behaviors and risks or understand the role of social structures in health outcomes, Ready EDI can help.

We will work with you to custom design a research model that will address document and address your research questions. Drawing on our stable of experienced social scientists, economists, medical and public health professionals, we will assemble a team of scholars and researchers that can answer those questions in a substantive, dispassionate and thorough manner.

Our researchers are well-versed in the full range of qualitative and quantitative research. Ready EDI's research partners are well-versed in survey collection and analysis, key informant interviews, focus groups, deliberative dialogues, community engagement strategies, gap or needs analysis, statistical, economic or social isolation research.

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Needs & Gap Analysis
Understanding the needs of the communities or customers you serve is critical to effective management and business operations. Understanding the gaps between client and provider, public and professional understandings or community need and organizational capacity are necessary to the better functioning of NGO's, businesses, government agencies and other institutions.

Ready EDI will sit down with you and review your needs and goals. We will collaboarate with you to develop the research strategies needed to assess and analyse the structural, economic, logistical, institutional and/or communications conditions that stand between you and your goals.

Our research partners have decades of experience in public health, human resources, urban planning, economic development, education, social services, the arts and cultural development, in the private, not-for-profit and govermental sectors. We will match their experience to your needs.

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Qualitative Research
Ready EDI sets the standard for qualititative research. Drawing from 21st century anthropological and sociological methodologies, we will develop a holistic research model using interviews, surveys, focus groups, deliberative dialogues, listening sessions, social network modeling, software-driven discursive analysis and other methods to answer your research questions.

Our team of fully degreed anthropologists, sociologists and industry professionals have decades of experience designing, executing and managing qualitative research projects in the realms of public health, education, organizational effectiveness, environmental health, socio-economic disparities and economic development.

Every research question deseves a tailored and well-grounded response. Ready EDI will work with you to design, execute and deliver a sustantive answer to your research question, consistent with best practice standards and industrial expectations in a timely and thorough manner.

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Quantitative, Statistical & Economic Research
Whether you need to analyze your carbon footprint, document economic disparities, examine health trends, conduct market or cost/benefit analysis, Ready EDI has the expertise to address your research questions. Our team of fully-degreed economists and social scientists have the private sector experience and the academic credentials to provide you with an authoritative response to the issues you face.

Ready EDI will collaborate with you to develop the research components you need, match you with research professionals and deliver sophisticated outcomes in a timely and professional manner. Our partners have decades of experience in the private, government, NGO and academic sectors. Our research efforts can be enhanced by Ready EDI's EDIOM software to produce dedicated databases that can respond in real time to changing market or project conditions.

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Environment Assessment
Environmental conditions play a huge role in health, social, community and economic outcomes. Understanding how environmental conditions can impact student or worker productivity and health, community disparities or economic development is critical to effective planning. As built environmental infrastructure ages, as understanding the impact of the environment on public health grows, as climate changes become more pronounced, assessing environmental conditions, projecting impacts and addressing existing conditions becomes more important.

Ready EDI's team of environmental, public health and economic professionals can help. Whether you need to diagnose indoor environmental conditions, assess built environmental conditions or analyse the impact of industrial activity on public health, we have the experience and expertise you need.

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Community Engagement
All too often, organizations, businesses and governments make their plans and do not inform the public until they are impacted by them. This invariably leads to problems and challenges when the plan is executed. Where ever possible, engaging with affected communities can anticipate those problems or pre-empt them by adapting the plan to community needs and expectations. The best plans engage the public before final decisions are made, to get their buy-in.

Ready EDI's team of community engagement professionals have decades of experience in community engagement. Whether you hope to repurpose an old factory for resuse, design a public health campaign, organize emergency readiness, diagnose community interest or resistance to a specific project or better serve their needs, our partners have the expertise you need to do it right.

We will work with you to design the community engagement campaign you need to succeed, help you identify points of resistance, inform your planning process and provide you with alternative strategies you need to succeed.

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